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Thousand Oaks is a city located in southwestern Ventura county California, it is part of the greater Los Angeles area.

Thousand Oaks is located in the Conejo Valley in the northwestern area of Greater Los Angeles. Thousand Oaks was first incorporated in 1964 though the area has been populated much longer. Thousand Oaks has a population of approximately 127k while the greater metro area boasts a population of 843k.

Thousand Oaks offers a warm, mild climate with temperatures ranging from the low 90’s in the summer to the lower 60’s in the winter. The locale boasts a wide variety of both plant and animal wildlife including deer, bear, mountain lion and over 100 species of avians.

Historically Thousand Oaks has been a major production location for California’s film industry including classic programs such as Lassie and several films starring Elvis Presley.


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