Frequently Asked Questions

Tenant FAQ’s

Move in process – When can we move in and how do we obtain the keys?
Your move in date will be either the start date on your lease or if a pre-move-in inspection is required your move in will be the same day as the passed inspection. You will receive the keys one day prior to the inspection (please call our office for arrangements). Prior to your move in day we perform a pre-inspection to make sure everything is in proper working order.
Payment of rent – How do we pay rent and when is it due?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. To simplify the process, you will be able to pay directly online through your tenant portal or at any Walmart/convenient locations. By doing so, you will have a receipt for your records and won’t have to worry about your rent getting lost in the mail. Late fees are applied after the 5th day your rent is due on your rental agreement, please check your rental agreement for details on all fees and costs associated with paying late.

Security deposits – Can my deposit be applied to my last month of rent?

Per your rental agreement, you gave us a deposit to cover any potential damage to the property or cost of cleaning at the end of your residency. Your deposit may not be used as your last month’s rent. We expect to receive the property in essentially the same condition the property was delivered to you.

Utility services – how do we start our water, power, gas and trash service?

Please call and start/switch services to your name as soon as you are made aware of the move in date. A list of service providers along with their phone numbers was included in your lease; here it is again just in case:

  1. Southern California Edison (Electricity) 800-655-4555
  2. Palmdale Water District (Palmdale Water) – 661-947-4111
  3. LA County Water District (Lancaster Water) – 661-942-1157
  4. Southern California Gas (Gas) – 800-427-2200
  5. Spectrum (Cable) – 855-860-9068
  6. Verizon (Telephone) – 800-483-4000
  7. AT&T (Telephone) – 833-918-0813
  8. Waste Management (Trash) – 661-947-7197
  9. LA County Waterworks (Water) – 877-637-3661

Maintenance and repairs are generally the items of most concern to our residents. For maintenance emergencies, please call our office at 818-597-1123.

Minor maintenance issues should be submitted through the tenant portal. Generally, the maintenance is assigned a work order immediately and the repair is worked on within a day or two. However, it may take as long as two weeks to complete minor repairs during times of heavy workloads or when parts and materials are backordered or unavailable. As property managers, if it is not a property that we own, we are required to get permission from the property owner prior to undertaking many repairs.

You will be billed for a service call under the following circumstances:

  • You scheduled a service call appointment and failed to be present at the scheduled time.
  • You requested service for a non-existent problem. This includes re-setting a breaker or Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) to restore electrical power and re-setting a breaker on a garbage disposal.
  • The problem was caused by improper use of the provided facilities. The classic case is the child who flushes a toy or other item and which results in a clogged sewer line.
Specific maintenance issues
Please pay particular attention to the following maintenance items:

  • Washing machine hoses. Should a washing machine hose break on a washing machine provided by you, you will be responsible for the cost of returning the property to good condition. Washing machine hoses are not designed for constant pressure. Water to the washing machine should be turned off at the wall between uses.
  • Winterization of sprinkler systems. Most homes have sprinkler systems. It is your responsibility to turn the system off prior to the arrival of freezing weather. Contact our office if you require information regarding the particular system at your property.